December 3: Hosianna w Olle Persson

Posted 2013-12-03


On december 3, baritone Olle Persson sings “Hosianna” accompanied by various singers (here Nicolai Dunger, Per Sjöberg, Torkel Rasmusson, Jonas Knutsson and Anita Livstrand) and The Party Band, Lars AlmqvistBengt BergerJonas Knutsson, Per Sjöberg, Kjell Westling and Mats Öberg.

Most photos from the recording session were shot by Jon Edergren from Electric Boogie. You can see more of them at the C&E Party Band Page if you press MORE IMAGES

All songs in the christmas calendar are from our album Another Christmas/Alternativ Jul
Here is a brand new review of the Christmas album (Swedish only) in Tidningen Kulturen