Bengt Berger, drums, composer, leader

Posted 2016-05-05

 There is vorticist movement in percussion colorist Bengt Berger’s music. Like a whirling fluid mass slingshot around the world – although anchored in the broad folk forms of Swedish music–it sucks in the dancing and chanting, moaning and prancing rhythmic Hindustani and Carnatic music of India and West Africa, it is all here in Beches Brew. The music is sophisticated and lurid, downright earthy and sensuous yet deeply mystical, magical and mysterious, bringing the best forms of surprise.”

50 years ago Bengt Berger started learning percussion in India, the North Indian tabla from Pandit Taranath and the South Indian mridangam from P.S. Devarajan. After that Berger played a lot with Roland Keijser, Bobo Stensson, Palle Danielsson and other front liners in Sweden and was one of Don Cherry’s favorite drummers in Europe touring extensively with him. After further studies in Ghana in the seventies he formed his first own group Bitter Funeral Beer Band in the late seventies and from then on he has been composing for and leading various groups connecting jazz and non-european music.

”During my musical journey a number of musicians have been partners and fellow travellers who has developed an understanding and helped to develop the Country & Eastern style of music. It is a great pleasure that so many of them have agreed to take part in this chapter in our common musical evolution.” says Berger

”Beche” has a long time connection with India, having studied tabla and mridangam since 1965. He has a very active relationship with many of the leading musicians in India today. For several years discussions have been going on about a collaboration between the Swedish and Indian musicians. Thanks to generous support from Musikverket in Sweden it happens during 2016!