Sir Thomas Jäderlund

Posted 2014-09-22

To the Country & Eastern fans, Sir Thomas Jäderlund is well known from Beches Brew as the expressive soprano, alto and bass clarinet player who also sings when the spirit moves him in that direction. We are extremely happy to present him as the great jazz player he is when he debuts his Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Trio on the Plays Jazz album with compositions by Ornette and Mingus exclusively. The album houses these masterpieces:
Fables of Faubus, Sue’s Changes, Ecclusiastics and So Long Eric by Charles Mingus plus Tears Inside, Blues Connotation, Lorraine and Mind and Time by Ornette Coleman.

Together with Peter Janson on double bass and Göran Kroon on drums, Sir Thomas Jäderlund displays the complete spectrum of emotions that can be so well expressed in the nakedness of the jazz trio.

The album was released on november 12, 2014 with concerts at
Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm November 18-19
Nefertiti, Göteborg November 20 and
Las Vega, Stockholm November 22

Here are the nine emotions (Navarasa) expressed by Sir Thomas, captured by Viktor Gårdsäter 

Sir Thomas is an essential member of Beches Brew

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Sir Thomas is freelancing composer/musician in jazz and improvisation. He is head of the improvisation education at University of Gothenburg and is known as one of the most personal and expressive saxophonists in Swedish Jazz.