Ram Narain

Posted 2013-08-12

Pandit Ram Narayan, brother of Chatur Lal, the first tabla player to impress the western world on a larger scale in the company of Ravi Shankar, ranks among the most eminent sarangi players of today. His novel style of musical expression has changed the role of the sarangi forever, from that of an accompaning instrument to a full grown solo instrument.

The album we have is his version of Raag Puria-Kalyan with an alap in Puria Kalyan, perhaps the best this writer has heard him play.
These are the last copies of this highly respected album. They are not available from anywhere else and have not been digitised.

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Click here for a hires photo of Ram Narayan. Photographer: Unknown.
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Here is a video of Ramnarain with Suresh Talwalkar from Shiraz Arts Festival