Lena Willemark

Posted 2013-08-12

On february 26 2013 we happily released the first album with Lena Willemark, Jonas Knutsson, and Mats Öberg, three of the swedish contemporary greats together. They have done a magnificent album showcasing all their talent, creativity and interplay.

The album has been nominated for a swedish Grammy.

“The individual parts are superb, but there is something of a musical alchemy that catches hold when the three play together. It drew me in from the opening notes of the first track”

Lena Willemark, vocal, violin, viola
With her folk music walking staff, she always finds her personal expression in new musical terrains. She stands out as one of the most versatile artists in northern europe, and has become a major voice in swedish folk music, a singer breaking new grounds.
“Lena Willemark (vocals, violin, viola) is described as a “major voice in Swedish folk music,” which does not surprise me. Her voice has an earthy quality, an honesty if you like, that adds a very distinctive element to the songs she sings on. Her violin and viola playing is just as important, as it takes many of the pieces in directions one would never have expected.”

Jonas Knutsson,  saxophones
with his big musical appetite and strong presence he gives his own impression in every setting where he takes part. Always on the move in the today’s music. As the other members Jonas is a most important member in a variety of projects, some of them on Country & Eastern.
“There is a strong sense of mystery to this music, and much of it comes from the saxophone of Jonas Knuttson. He is a large man, with a “big musical appetite,” yet onAlla Drommars Sang his horn never overpowers the songs. Knuttson’s sax adds a marvelous accompanying voice to everything. I have heard it said that the best players know what not to play, because that is the hardest thing of all. It is clear that Knuttson knows this instinctively”
Mats Öberg, keyboards, harmonica
Mostly known as half of Mats & Morgan, he has played with everybody from Frank Zappa to Carola. He started performing at the age of 9 and is considered one of Sweden’s greatest music profiles. Mats also leads his own trio.
“Mats Oberg’s piano may well be the “other” aspect of this music that makes it so special. His playing provides the glue that holds everything together, but there is more to it than that. On many of the songs, the precise command of his playing seems to lift the music into an entirely different realm.”
All quotes above from Greg Barbrick’s review in Blinded By Sound

Here are press releases in English and Swedish.

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You will find Lena, Jonas and Mats all taking part on quite a few of our albums, all three on our Christmas album CE12
Jonas and Mats are featured on CE03CE10CE13, CE15, CE27CEX01, CEX17, AMCD885
Jonas and Lena on AMCD738
Mats on CE18.
Jonas on CE04CE08CE16, CE34, CE38CEX05CEX10, AMCD880, AMCD889, AMCD890, Impala007,