Bengt Berger

Posted 2013-08-12

Drummer, composer, leader in the jazz & world genres. Long studies in India since 1965 and in Ghana during the seventies.  Some of the bands: Arbete & Fritid, Rena Rama, Don Cherry, Spjärnsvallet, Arkimedes,Bitter Funeral Beer Band, Enteli, Berger Knutsson Spering, Old School, Beches Brew.

Started Country & Eastern and is manager/artistic leader/errand boy. Plays on:

CE03 Berger Knutsson Spering & Friends: See You in a Minute – memories of Don Cherry.
CE04 Berger Knutsson Spering: Up Close
CE11 Bengt Berger & Kjell Westling: Live – Stockholm 1977
CE12 The Party Band: Country & Eastern Christmas
CE13: Bengt Berger: Beches Brew
CE18: Per Tjernberg: Music Is My Salvation
CE20: Bengt Berger-Roland Keijser-Kjell Westling: The Vedbod Tapes
GAFCD_1114: BeFive
CE27: Bengt Berger: Beches Brew BIG
CE31: Spjärnsvallet: Again and Again
CE34:Berger Knutsson Spering Schultz: Blue Blue
CE38: Beches Indian Brew
CE41: Bengt Berger / Beches Brew: Gothenburg

Digital-only albums:

CEX01 See You In A Minute –  The Extra Takes
CEX04 K. Sridhar: Raag Charukesi
CEX05 Up Close – Extra Takes
CEX12 K. Sridhar: Rare Ragas and Talas
CEX15: Bengt Berger-Roland Keijser-Kjell Westling: More Vedbod Tapes
CEX17: Bengt Berger: Beches Brew BAG
CEX23: Bengt Berger / Beches Brew: Gothenburg Live
CEX33 Viltvarning – Live at Fasching 2002
CEX35 Kummelholmen Sustain Session
CEX37 COOL FUNERAL BEER – DAY 1 – The Final Ancestor Shrine

Have recorded and produced all albums from India and Ghana.
Indian name: Sopan Dev, given by Swamy Haridhos in 1968

Here is a flattering essay on me and my work by Raul da Gama, if you care to read it, Bengt Berger: Percussion – Communion

and here one from Jazz Journal by Michael Tucker from October 2021, Bengt Berger: folk-jazz pioneer.

all records with Bengt Berger